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Market Research Company

Jenny M.

Market Research Company

Florida, USA

“My Internship in Japan was the best internship I've ever had!”

Overall internship experience rate : Excellent

What did you learn through your experience in living and working in Japan?

I learned that your attitude and behavior is shaped by the people you surround yourself with. My internship is filled with really motivated people, so that in turn made me feel more motivated to get the most I could out of my summer.
Japan is an incredibly polite country, so you find yourself becoming extra nice and polite the more you are there!
Also, I learned I could never be happy if I wasn't doing something that had to do with Japan, of course.

Internship experience.

My Internship in Japan was the best internship I've ever had. I worked from Monday-Friday from 9:30-5:30. I assisted in specific research for certain projects that my seniors were doing, along with doing general market research daily. This meant reading a LOT of Japanese news -- which was AWESOME!
I also had the freedom to write a blog post for the company blog and gave a few presentations to the company about different topics.
I was even able to shadow my senpai during a focus group. The company all took me under their wing. They invited me out to lunch with them and chatted with me during the workday. I really felt included and taken care of.

How do you plan to make use of this internship experience?
What is your future career plan?

This internship experience was very valuable to me because I want to get into Japanese to English translating. Although my career path is not marketing, my internship gave me great experience in talking, listening, and reading Japanese. My comprehension got light-years better because of this internship, and it only inspired me to study harder and learn even more.

What was your first impression of Tokyo? How do you feel about it now?

My first impression of Tokyo was: "Wow! This is even more beautiful than I ever imagined!"
I still feel the same way, after living there for almost 3 months. You really cannot understand the feeling of the tiny, quiet alleyways or the huge neon Shibuya until you actually are physically there. Pictures and video can only tell you so much.

Why did you made the decision to do an Internship in Japan?

I have always loved Japan from afar and have been studying Japanese for 4 years now. I wanted a chance to use my Japanese with actual Japanese people -- not just use it in the classroom with other foreigners. Also, I wanted a chance to see what working in Japan was like, to gage if it would be something I'd like to do after graduation!

How was your accommodation?

My accommodation was great. I was in a shared house with three other people. I had a room to myself and we shared a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. We all had different schedules, but when I did see my housemates we got along really well. We had house meetings where we would get together for dinner and chat. It was a great experience, especially since I didn't know anyone in Tokyo when I arrived.
It was like I already had a support group there.

What were your goals in coming to Japan?

My primary goal was getting better in Japanese, which I definitely did.

Do you have any advice for people thinking to join and to make the most of their Internship in Japan experience?

Get out. Experience Japan. Your internship is important and you will learn loads from it, of course. And sitting home and watching Japanese television will improve your listening ability (or so you tell yourself). But this is JAPAN! This is a once in a life opportunity! Get out and breathe the Japanese air, and talk to shop keepers, and go take a nap in Yoyogi park, and go window-shop in the fascinating Japanese stores. Eat food you would not normally eat at home. The train is cheap, and can take you to a lot of neat places. Learn what it's like to actually BE in Japan. And take pictures!

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