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Jordan P.

Advertisement and HR company

New York, USA

“Just do it, you'll never experience anything like this again.”

Overall internship experience rate : Good

Please tell us about your internship experience.

I would work from 9-5:40, Monday - Friday. My tasks were relatively mundane things such as researching on the Internet, compiling spreadsheets and graphs based on collected data and information, and attend business meetings with my senpai (supervisor). Him and I got along great, and I feel we developed a very solid relationship. Everyone else in the company was equally as welcoming and helpful.

What did you learn through your experience in living and working in Japan?

I learned far too much to list on this survey. For example, the largest things I gained were my increase in ability to speak Japanese, my skills in the office and professional environment, and many life lessons learned from living in Tokyo for the summer.

Do you have any advice for people thinking to join and to make the most of their Internship in Japan experience?

Just do it, you'll never experience anything like this again.

How was your accommodation?

My accommodations were excellent. My housemates were extremely gracious and understanding; we all got along fabulously. On occasion, I would go to Yoyogi park with a few of them, or go out to bars or clubs.

What was your first impression of Tokyo? How do you feel about it now?

It was an amazing, huge, busy city. I fell in love immediately, and I still feel the same wonder, but more connection and more love for the city now.

Please tell us how you first got interested and made the decision to do an Internship in Japan.

I need two internships to graduate, this was my first one. Since I was learning Japanese at the time and my major is internationally-based, it made perfect sense to intern in Japan.

Did you experience any difficulties in the internship?

The only difficulty I experienced was the language barrier. My co-workers and I did our best to communicate through the barrier; a lot of body language and similar thinking was necessary.

How do you plan to make use of this internship experience? What is your future career plan?

I want to work for a marketing firm or in-house marketing team in a company located in Japan or a Japanese company.