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Language School

Alice C.

Language School

“You can’t judge a book by its cover, and Tokyo is one of that great books waiting for me to understand more.”

Please tell us how you first got interested and made the decision to do an Internship in Japan.

I’ve been interested in working and living in Japan since college, thus I believe doing an Internship in Japan would help me to familiarize with the working environment in Japan first. Moreover, I also see it as a way for me to map out my future career connections which maybe I would be able to benefit from it one day.

What was your first impression of Tokyo and how do you feel about it now?

My visit to Tokyo was always short and very brief, hence my impression of the city was that it’s always busy and not a lot of real sightseeing places to see (in comparison to Kansai region or other regions.) However, after my 7-week internship in Tokyo, I feel that there are so much more to explore in Tokyo. Simply put, you can’t judge a book by its cover, and Tokyo is one of that great books waiting for me to understand more.

Please tell us about your internship experience.

My overall experience at my internship place was really great. For the first 4 weeks the work started from around noon ~ 7pm, and my main tasks(s) were mainly being the teacher’s assistant in English classes. I also observed the classes for the first 3 days in order to quickly familiarize with the work routine and classroom management. At the same time, I also participated in lesson planning for the summer program at the school. From my perspective and the experience this summer, I believe that the relationship with my mentors was good and we got along quite well. I really enjoyed working with them.

What did you learn through your experience in living and working in Japan?

I think my working environment during this past summer is quite different from the usual English schools or public/private school systems. Due to the reason that all of my co-teachers and mentors have lived abroad before, the interaction among us was quite carefree and easy-going, hence it is rather difficult to generalize that this experience would provide the accurate insight of working and living in Japan. Nonetheless, it was still a very meaningful experience because I learned what an English teacher is expected to do here in Japan (e.g. responsibilities and goals), which could help me greatly when it comes to teaching in the future.

How do you plan to make use of this internship experience? What is your future career plan?

I gained the experience of teaching young children from this internship (which is what I’d never done before), and with what I’d done and learned from this past summer, I could definitely apply it to my future teaching opportunities, which is my future career plan (i.e. teaching English to Japan, regardless of age or level.)

Do you have any advice for people thinking to join and to make the most of their Internship in Japan experience?

I believed that I would be able to benefit from this internship program, and knowing that ICC would assist me on locating an internship, that’s why I chose this program. Each person has his/her own way of making the most out of their stay in Japan while doing an internship, so my advice would be planning well ahead of time and just go ahead enjoy it when it lasts.