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Internship in Japan is a program run and administered by ICC Consultants. We are the historic leaders and providers of career making internships in Japan.

Established in 1988 and headquartered in the heart of Tokyo, ICC Consultants is a company specialized in the international mobility of students, offering an array of international exchange programs for Japanese and foreign students through our offices in Japan, the USA, the UK, Australia and New-Zealand.

For decades we helped several thousands of students from all around the World to experience life changing internships and study abroad programs.

The team of Internship in Japan (IIJ) is here to help you with finding your desired placement within one of the hundreds of possible host companies we partner with. The industries you can choose from are (not limited to): marketing, finance, IT programming, design, fashion, agriculture, consulting, management, hospitality, real estate, education, communication and media, architecture, translation, sports industry and many more!

ICC’s commitment to excellence, its unique approach to exchange study programs and proven track record are some of the reasons over one thousand students annually entrust their future to ICC.

Our mission:

YOU are our mission!

YOU are the reason why we work so hard.

YOU are the future and our mission is to make yours as bright as you deserve it to be.

The perfect internship does not exist, but we will make sure yours is as close to it as possible.

We will provide valuable work experience that benefits both you and the host company while contributing to mutual international understanding at the same time. We will support you from your very first inquiry to well after you have finished your internship. We still happily invite all our alumni to our exchange parties and are always ready to give them a hand in their career in Japan if we can.

Why an internship?

First of all, an internship is the first step in your career. By doing one you will understand more about the industry you want to work in.

Getting professional experience through an internship is a very important move, and one that will easily change your life. It will give you an edge over your peers in the global job market of today, in which companies are strategically looking for bright, young people with an international mindset that are capable of adapting to different cultures effectively.

Having internship experience abroad in your resume will attract the attention of future employers and recruiters, because they will know that you are not afraid of taking professional challenges outside of your comfort zone.

You will not only acquire new skills and knowledge that you would never be able to learn in your home country, you will also make extremely valuable connections for your future.

Working abroad can be tough and make you sometimes wonder if you made the right choice, but even if you decide not to work in Japan in the future, you will have invaluable experience that most people can only dream of.

Doing an internship is not only a way for you to grow as a professional, but also as a person. All the experiences and memories will change your way of thinking about yourself, the world, your future, and how to solve problems.

You will enter Japan as someone with potential, and leave as a professional who has proved your worth in the eyes of the whole new world!

Why Japan?

Japan, with its long history, mysteries, extraordinary culture, and incredible inhabitants, is fascinating, but also very often misunderstood. There is so much more in Japan than the clichés, including natural disasters, mangas, video-games, and all the crazy things you might see reported in the media. If you give Japan a chance, you will be stunned by how beautiful the country can be, both literally and figuratively. If you are looking for “endless discoveries,” you will be in the right place as an intern in Japan.

The Japanese society has very strict rules, which some people may have trouble adapting to. This is especially true when it comes to interning in Japan, where a hierarchy is still very much omnipresent and heavy in the workplace.
If you choose to do an internship in Japan, it will be a great way for you to discover your true personality. As long as you persevere, work for the greater good of the team (instead on focusing on yourself), and make efforts to respect the culture, then the rewards of your internship in Japan will be formidable. Whether you stay to work in Japan full time or go off on another adventure somewhere else, if you can make it as an intern in Japan, you will feel confident that you can make it anywhere!

If you choose to do an internship in Japan, many companies will immediately recognize you as a potential employee. Japan is famous for being a hard working society with very high standards and being difficult to succeed in, so having an internship in Japan will be an instantaneous mark of excellence and will open you doors to your future career.

ICC? IIJ? What is the difference?

IIJ is the acronym we use for the Internship in Japan program.
ICC is the acronym we use for the name of our company, ICC Consultants.
Whichever name you prefer is fine with us!